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Volkswagen Scirocco GT24

Volkswagen has just introduced their racing edition of the Scirocco GT24 at Wörther Lake for the world to see. Yet, this race car has been tested by the champions Carlos Sainz and Hans-Joachim Stuck. Volkswagen has also concentrated on their 16-valve injection engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler system, to maximize torque up to 340 Newton meters. It starts at 2,100 rpm, based on the dual clutch gearbox (DSG). An idea of an affordable dream car starts here, born in the heart of this Scirocco.

The success of this two-seat sport coupe has produced more than 360,000 Sciroccos. This car has been a favorite with buyers. I would advise people who like to race to buy this car for their enjoyment, see you on the track.

Ford Focus RS

This Ford RS began in the 1960’s in Germany and it had success across Europe. It is stylish, yet a cheap and well performance car contributing in every day needs. It has the combination and parts from the 1970 Le Mans Green and also the Escort RS1600.

This car can accelerate from 0-100kmh (0-62mph) in under six seconds. It has upgraded its model with 336mm ventilated front discs and also to the rear 300mm discs.

RS had a reputation in their car’s performance and its car’s heritage in the World-Wide Rally Championship and has also established its reputation for the driving dynamics in their cars. This new car will not disappoint the customers with its genuine build and style.

Pink BMW

For those that like pink, here are some pink BMWs found on the web. I’m not sure why you ladies love pink so much, black is probably much more sexy. It is very hard to find a pink BMW on the road because manufactures do not make them in pink, all pink BMW are custom painted and 100% unique and original.

Candy Pink purple pearl BMW 1998 on sale: source

Pink BMW parked outside: source

Pink BMW Taxi found in Turkish: Source

Nevada Pink BMW Mini Cooper: source

Nice looking BMW, picture is low quality: Source

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Scion Hako Coupe Concept

Scion took the wraps off of its latest concept Wednesday, 19th March at the 2008 New York Auto Show. Dubbed the Hako Coupe is intended to the video game playing younger generation. Scion’s Hako Coupe Concept is a very rare show car which in Scion’s own words is ‘polarizing’.

Scion vice president Jack Hollis explained that Hako Concept’s look is the sporty version of a box, but in fact looks more like an armored truck. The front of the car is highlighted with a load of LED headlights, a large upper grille and smaller lower grille. The hugely flared fenders are filled by eighteen inch wheels and 225 series tires with a special tread that spells out the name SCION, and a perfectly vertical windshield to complete the boxy look. The back features include LED taillights and backup lights meshed into the car’s exhaust. The Hako Coupe’s roof has a barcode pattern. That is eventually going to turn into rooftop wallpaper similar to pc wallpaper.

The inside is painted in orange and black with metallic accents. The four seats are covered with rubbery upholstery and the driver seat was designed with computer generated instruments and a gear that looks like a big joystick.

A Bluetooth connection allows music or video files to be uploaded to the Scion’s entertainment system which are comprised of the video monitors on the dash. There are more screens on each door and in the rear side walls displaying images from cameras that point outside. The passengers have the ability to edit these visuals in to you tube quality video.

Scion Hako