2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LT 2wd – big, useful and.. fun

Talking about roomy, spacious and generally speaking “big bad” cars, ony must consider the 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LT 2wd. It shares the same platform as the Suburban, only difference being the open-top and minor changes that this modification requires.

Chevrolet 2007 Avalanche - ext

The Chevrolet 2007 Avanlanche LT 2wd is powered by a ohv V8 5.3-liter engine, pretty much standard Chevrolet technology. Output is a total of 320 hp, at 5200 rpm with torque of 340 lb-ft at 4200 rpm. Just enough to empower the Avalanche, not exactly a tiny fellow at 5478 lbs curb weight. Transmission is four-speed automatic. Fuel economy seems to have been an important issue for Chevrolet, as the 2007 Avalcnhe LT 2wd has fuel mileage of 17 mpg , EPA combined. We are talking about a 320 hp car of 5478 lbs, so 17 mpg is something !

Even though the 2007 Avanlanche LT 2wd hasn’t as much room as a Jeep, or GMT900 SUVs and trucks, you still can fit in six persons, a good amount of luggage, and still have a nice time driving. Visibility is also a thumbs-up for the Avalanche LT 2wd. Other major improvements are quick steering and excellent suspension, not to be seen too often on a big car. Drivers have complained about the electronic control, which seems to be poorly designed, compared to competitors Lexus and Jeep. Also, headroom is short, but on the other hand the Avalanche LT 2wd does have good legroom and front seats are of genial design. Interior is of top quality, and options of a wide range, as modern as can be.

Chevrolet 2007 Avalanche - int

All in all, the 2007 Avalanche LT 2wd is a nice Chevrolet, “a good big sports car”, as it was described in few words. Released in May, the Avalanche did excellently sale-wise, with base price of only $33,940.

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