Mazda Furai Ready For Unveiling at Detroit ’08

Mazda Furai will show up for Detroit Auto Show next month. Mazda published a photo a couple of weeks ago and now, Inside Line released more photos of the concept. The car is based on a C65 chassis used by Mazda in 2005 season of ALMS. Furai means ”Sound of wind”(if anybody wants to learn Japanese) and the theme of [...]

Natalia SLS2, The $2Million Sedan Car

DiMora Motorcar announced that the Natalia SLS2 will be equipped with the HeatFlexx system, made by Von Stach Products. This innovation consists in an electrically-heated frameless windshield wiper. The super car features the Volcano engine, with a variable-cylinder aluminum V16 which produces 1200 horsepower, 24-inch rims, run-flat tires, four-wheel steering system and 50 computers which manages [...]

The New SLK To Be Released In 2009

Mercedes announced the new SLK which will be ready in 2009. Important improvements are set to be made for the roadster by the Germans. For the exterior the F1 nose, the rear and the tailpipes are some of them. The interior has a very nice design given by the red leather and the instrument panel. For this model will be available [...]

Audi Confirms Two “Special” Cars For Detroit

Next month at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Audi will unveil two new cars in premiere. Rumors say that one is a concept car based on the R8 and the other could be a new production model called TT-S. The concept car might also be the RS8 with a V10 engine or a convertible mid-engined roadster. The Detroit [...]

Honda To Unveil Acura NSX in 2010

Acura NSX has been confirmed for 2010. Honda was expected to unveil the concept car at the Tokyo Auto Show this year and get them into production line by late 2008 or 2009. The Japanese company just wants to make wait longer for this Advanced Sports Car Concept. Until the launch, the only super-sports-car that Honda is shipping remains the [...]