2008 Volkswagen Touareg Review

Volkswagen Touareg 2008

The 2008 Volkswagen Touareg is a luxury sport-utility with a blend of refinement and off-highway capability. It eschews a third row of seats for five-passenger space. Protected by a rigid structure and full suite of airbags and electronic safety systems, Touareg 2 is a genuinely capable four-wheel-drive and comes in three levels: 3.6 VR6 FSI , V8 FSI and V10 TDI Twin Turbo.

The 3.6 VR6 comes with dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, cruise control, alloy wheels, fog lamps, trip computer, heated power mirrors, front and rear park assist, rain-sensing wipers, 10-speaker audio system. The 4.2 FSI adds a 350-hp V8 engine, leather upholstery, bi-xenon curve-following headlights, 19-inch wheels and more sporting suspension calibration, power passenger seat, driver memory system, power folding auto-dimming outside mirrors, rear seat side sunshades. The V10 TDI comes with the twin-turbo diesel engine, larger brakes and adjustable air suspension with continuous damping control.

Options include a tow hitch, a rear differential lock package, four-zone climate control, keyless operation, rear view camera.

Volkswagen Touareg 2008 interior

>Safety equipment includes ESP-plus stability control, ABSPlus brakes with electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist, tire-pressure monitors, hill descent assist. Electronic aids include updated antilock brakes that will form a chock in front of the tires on soft surfaces, meaning shorter stopping distances on mud, snow, sand, highway trails as the tires will absorb most of the impact. The six-speed automatic knows where the power lies and it quickly shifts to the appropriate gear.

The 112-inch wheelbase permits good occupant space and an overall length of less than 16 feet keeps the wheels near the corners. This creates a muscular stance and maintains the approach and departure angles and clearance necessary for real 4WD use.

Air suspension and the four-wheel-drive system are switched by rotary dials behind the shifter. The dominant tachometer and speedometer have flat faces with anti-reflective coating. The primary advantage of the air suspension is adjustable height, a 5.5-inch difference in six settings, four of which the driver controls. The suspension automatically lowers the Touareg one inch at 87 mph for better stability and aerodynamics, and another 0.4-inch when you reach 118 mph.

Volkswagen Touareg 2008 back

The 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 mixes trail-worthy ability and a feature-laden five-seat cabin into a compact package to find favor with outdoor adventurers. The array of engines and suspensions permit any buyer personality to design a Touareg they like, the better to appreciate everything you won’t notice in a short test-drive.

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