Small Car trend travells to USA ?

The recent news of rising gasoline price, as well as the urban agglomeration and interminable traffic jams could make the small car trend viable in the USA, from 2008.

Microcar - compare

Important labels are showing interests in this sector. Probably the most famous small car, the Mini Cooper, has generated a true trend in Europe. Other companies are moving in this direction with more and more energy : DaimlerChrysler’s Smart ForTwo will arrive in the United States in 2008, wih a base cost of under $12,000, and General Motors also revealed some very interesting Chevrolet concepts at the New York car show.

But is the market in the USA ready for such a trend ? CSM Worldwide in Northville, Mich., classifies all cars smaller than 150 inches “microcars”. CSM also predicts that the average american buyer will sacrifice a few gallon per mile for a longer, bigger vehicle. So according to CSM’s seven-year forecast, less than 100,000 will be sold every year.

Still, the microcar concept is quite attractive. Smart USA, owned by UnitedAuto Group, will distribue the Smart for Two in the States, this two-passenger car barely 8 feet long, will thus benefit from excellent marketing, and sales are expected to be good. General Motors, with the three Chevrolet mini-car concepts designed by GM’s studio in South Korea, is also sure to become a player on the small car market. The team at GM’s Asian Studio kept in mind the American taste, and designed the cars with an illusion of greater size, using flared fenders, to make the appereance of the concept cars less fragile. Even if General Motors is not yet decided about the production of microcars, CSM expects GM to market a microcar in the United States beginning in 2010.

All considered, whether the small car trend will travel to the USA or not is yet to be seen. Small car seems to equal small profit, still major labels are very interested in producing microcars for the USA, as shown above. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Mini coopers parked

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