Audi presents clubsport concept

Audi presented recently a clubsport quatro concept, that is supposed to give birth to later models of TT S and RS. It focuses on a sharper, meaner look than the usual speedster styling, that is seen on such vehicles.

Audi clubsport concept - ext

Sporty elements in this concept are the low-cut wraparound windshield and no evident roof or A-pillars, that look up and tight on this concept car. Best part is of course the engine. This is a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine that uses latest technology in the domain. It uses large inlets in the front end to supply additional air, and improve output. As Audi claims, this 2.0-liter engine produces around 300 hp in the clubsport version, because of a modified intake manifold. Considering that in the S3, the same 2.0-liter engine produced only 260 hp, it could be said that this clubsport version is a great improvement.

This concept car has it’s roots in top models from Audi, like the S and RS models. The clubsport’s dual-branch exhaust system and oval tailpipes reassemble those of sports cars of the famous German car maker like the RS4, and the Daytona Gray paint also appears on the RS4 and S8. Width of the clubsport is increased by 3.2 inches, and benefits from larger wheel arches, as wheels are now 20-inch wheels and 265/30 R-20 tires. For this powerful equipment, ceramic brakes are implement, for the first time in a TT model.

On the inside, there is complaint to be made. The clubsport has racing bucket seats, with four-point belts for maximum support. Aluminum finishes prevail, on the shift knob, pedals, handles and steering wheel.

Audi clubsport concept - int

The clubsport concept might be put into a special mini-series, but it’s main purpose is to offer a view about the future S and RS Audi models, of the exquisite TT family.

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