3d Carbon pimps-up the Lincon MKZ

Lincon MKZ by 3d Carbon

Ernie Bunnell and Billy Longfellow are two ambitious fellows who founded Wings West back in 1993, coming up with all sorts of wild custom options and add-ons for cars. Very popular, and trend-creators for some time now, the two have now the 3d Carbon label. For three years consequently 3d Carbon has won Ford Design’s Best of Show awards at SEMA.

What does this have to do a Lincoln MKZ? Let’s just say you can now order a pimp-up version of this Lincon, directly at their order service, and chose from different packs, depending on how much money you can come up with. So fix up your Lincon with something special like: a front air dam, two side skirts and a rear lower skirt, and maybe add a decklid spoiler and upper glass rear spoiler. All this you can get painted and installed or not, choice is yours. Such kits from 3d Carbon exist also for Ford Fusion and the Mercury Milan.

The Lincon MKZ tunned by 3d Carbon looks fantastic, as seen in the photos. The team at 3d Carbon did a great job, considering that this is no Mazda Civic or Ford Fusion, but a Lincon. Optional add-ons include HRE wheels, cross-drilled Brembo rotors and Katskinz seats, only for a little extra, the base price of the 3d Carbon pack being 2.500 dollars.

Lincon MKZ by 3d Carbon - back

The Lincon and 3d Carbon formula seems to work. “Ford’s been the most aggressive as far as supporting the aftermarket with vehicles for development,” Bunnell of 3d Carbon said. All in all, good sales are to be expected, as the custom-car trend is getting bigger and bigger.

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