A true Bentley – The Argent T

Arnage T - exterior

The Arnage T is with no doubt a classic in the Bentley line, both elegant and powerful.Way beyond the petty style of ergonomical obsession of most manufacturers, the Arnage T will surely satisfy even the most eccentric drivers.

Driving this car is a pure feeling of the “British way”, combining beauty with sheer force. Even though this is no r for a Bentley, the Arnage does have an interesting addition. It possesses a pure form, the somewhat block shaped beast appeals in a most classic manner. The “T” is a mark of the sports version, and that is what the car is. However the head held hight and the forward-pointing form gives the Arnage T a limousine aspect. This combination is missed at the latest Continental GT, GTC and Flying Spur.

The car does have a few bad aspects. Sitting at the wheel, you feel a bit as the firewall is much to close to the cabin foot-well and the seat has limited extension space. Also, the pedal seems to be taken from a vintage Bentley model, as both it’s position and size are uncomfortable.

Arnage T - interior

Still the driving experience is marvelous, no matter ho well you sit in the chair. Fact talk for themselves, as the car reaches 60 mph in only 5.2 seconds, the 500 hp peaks at 4200 rpm. The sweet sound of the engine is sustained by the twin turbos, witch you hear more or less, depending on how much throttle you apply to the car. A vehicle of great elegance, the Arnage T is nevertheless a speeding bullet, if that be the wish of the driver.

The Arnage T is expected to be a world-class experience, both the stature of the care and the brand – Bentley- are solid arguments. The car does lack a modern navigation system, or at least it is not accesible, and it still uses organ pulls to open vents. maybe Bentley consider this a way of maintaining the classic feeling, but the high-end touches are with no doubt a wish of someone who will pay over quarter-million-dollar. Other setbacks are the interior form, a total disregard to the acoustic aspects, even though the car comes with a standard stereo of some quality. Also, the plastics have a cheap look… maybe it was an t to make the car lighter, considering it’s breathtaking weigh of 5698 pounds.

Only the future will answer our fear and doubts concerning this problematic Bentley model, the Arnage T.

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