Acura Is Still Working On NSX’s Design

Acura NSX

The Acura designers have not yet produced the certain look of th new Acura NSX, while the engineers collaborate whit them to find the perfect vee angles, wrist pins and valve geometry. Honda wants to make a big improvement of NSX’s look, so it won’t have to look only a little different from the ’91 NSX. All of the Acura engineers say that the car must look perfect, so until then the car won’t be finished. The only well known thing about the Acura NSX is that it will have a ten-hole engine. Acura is working hard on the NSX and the new RL sedan so they will be ready until 2010. As Dick Colliver, Acura’s Executive VP, says, the RL is further back than the NSX.

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  4. Automobile Dot Org » Acura Is Still Working On NSX’s Design:

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