Aston Martin 2008 “Project 30.000″

 Aston v8 Vantage - for “Project 30.000″

Aston Martin has always been interested in all sorts of competitions and project. As proof, the “Project 30.000″, a project that intends to put 30.000 miles on an Aston Martin. What Aston Martin? An Aston Martin V8 Vantage, with few modifications: a slightly raised suspension system, reinforced sump guard and full spare. Still, the the V8 Vantage benefits standardly from numerous passive and active safety systems including dual stage front and side airbags, 3 stage crash structure, ABS, (Anti-lock brakes), DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), Traction Control, EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), EBA (Electronic Brake Assist) and PTC (Positive Torque Control).

This is not the first side project organised by Aston Martin of this type. Last year, an Aston drove around Germany and Central Europe, in a total of the same 30.000 miles. Now however, Asia is the place. The new Asia-Pacific Highway offers as high standards as possible. The drivers will be two British fellows, school teacher Richard Meredith and travel specialist Phil Colley. The entire project is to last six weeks.

Aston Martin, with the  “Project 30.000″, intends to raise funds for charity, and at the same time to promote road safety in Asia, allong with the UN. The  AH1 portion of the Asian-Pacific highway uses a ferry line running between Fukuoka, Japan and Pusan, South Korea, so the drive will be no piece of cake. Actually, driving and driving for six weeks, through a total of 15 countries, is quite a challenge.

Teacher Richard Meredith (58) and travel specialist Phil Colley (42) are to set off on the 25 th June from the InterContinental Hotel, Tokyo, and six weeks later will be seen arriving in central London. Worldwide press will surelly keep the world informed on this interesting car event.

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