Audi A1 / S1 to be released in 2009

A new car is being developed by Audi, the A1 with the sport model S1.  The Audi A1 will sport a Volkswagen 1.4 liter four cylinder, direct injection engine, naturally aspired that will produce 90 hp or a turbocharged one, producing 120 hp, this for Europe. In the US there will be larger engines, currently unknown. Along with those engines, they will also produce diesel ones. It will have two transmission types, a standard six speed manual gearbox and a seven speed DSG one for high end cars.

Audi A1

Trying to create a sportive car, the engineers have used a next generation suspension from the Volkswagen Polo, which is very expensive.

Unfortunately for us, but especially for Americans, the car will be released in Q4 2009 in Europe and mid 2010 in the US.

The sports model, Audi S1 will be powered by a Volkswagen 1.4 liter Twincharger engine, either turbocharged or supercharged. It will have permanent all wheel transmission, due to the Haldex style multiplate clutch tranmission and a seven speed direct shift gearbox. The car should reach a maximum speed of 150 mph and from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. That would be great for a car of it’s sizes.

Audi A1

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