Audi Cross Cupe quattro, maybe future Q3 ?

Audi Cross Coupe - side

After growing 40 percent in China in 2006, the record of all major brands, Audi decided to reveal it’s first concept car in this country. Expecting an incredible sale-rate this year, of aprox. 96,000 units, Audi doubles it’s marketing efforts in this area. But let’s continue with the German manufacturer’s concept car..

Cross Coupe - interior

The Cross Coupe quattro, as it is entitled so far, is rumoured to be the future Q3. It combines a small sport utility vehicle with a station wagon, based mostly on the A3 platform and vaguely resembling the Q7, in a mini version. the Cross Coupe quattro is powered by a brand-new 2.0-liter, 204-hp common-rail Bluetec diesel-four engine, with a version of the Audi’s S-Tronic transmission. The four seater uses MacPherson struts in front, followed by a four-link arrangement in the rear.

Awaiting production, all Audi fans are surely biting their nails off, as the concept is looking delicious, and hopes are high for the famous German brand.

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