Audi S8 – 2007

AutoWeek has voted the Audi S8 the best luxury car, and we can see why. It combines pure German sedan luxury with Italian muscle and even the power of a Lamborghini.

Audi S8 - exterior

Even though it costs over 100.000 $, the car is worth every cent. Recent test drives have proven so : 0 to 100 mph in 12.64 seconds, a bit slower than the Lamborghini Gallardo, a same v10 engine competitor. The feeling of sitting flushed in the driver’s sit at 140 mph, with the 265/35ZR-20 Yokohama Advan Sport tires offering maximum friction, is impossible to describe with words.

Some setbacks, as not even an Audi can be perfect. The brakes are a bit rough, as imaginable with the v10 engine and weight of 4586 pounds. It was a true challenge to keep the car at bay an the test drive, and the slalom course it scoured 45 mph, a very good score considering body of the car.

Despite the fact that S8 is a luxury car, it has great sport-like capabilities, and the driving experience is attractive both to a usual driver and a speed maniac. You can choose from four choices of suspension: automatic, dynamic, standard and lift, which can raise air suspension to the absolute max.

Concerning interior and optional pump-ups, Audi is pretty squeamish : industry benchmark or leather. The Bang & Olufsen sound system is an interesting addition, with 14 speakers, 12-inch sub-woofer, two front dash automatic extending acoustic lens speakers.. but it does cost an $6,300 extra.

Audi S8 - exterior- back

Like AMG from Mercedes, M from BMW and even SRT from Dodge, the S line is all about performance, but also about satisfying current market needs. The under-the-radar style is something buyers always like about and Audi, and the S8 is no exception, as excellent sales are to be expected.

The Audi S8 is definitely a superb car, combining two important aspects, that of a luxury sedan and a daily computer and a sports car with monster acceleration and excellent response.

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    pai daca tot am ajuns aici prin bunavointa lui Dragos (care este), e misto. mai baga

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