BMW 330d diesel, Europe only !

Launched only in Europe for the time being, the BMW 330d is much expected in the USA. Recent AutoWeek articles have risen lots of comments, many buyers-to-be posted towards a “yes” for production in the States. And we will see just why…

BMW 330D - double

Rated at 228 hp, the 3.0-liter, direct-injection turbo-diesel engine is equipped with trademark Garrett turbocharger. Most of the time, you can hardly notice it’s a diesel, going fast&smooth in town, and as smooth any BMW inline-six all together, though the gasoline-edition 335i topps the 330d by far.

This model is “decorated” with M Sport badges, and in tests is managed 600 miles per tank, which is decent. The car can also work on biodiesel, though further test on this version haven’t been done yet…

The 330d maintains the high standards of the 3 Series, and that is something ! One complain of the stiff sideways, and tire friction, which is quite high. So pack a spare tire, if you can afford to in a sports sedan, where every bit of weight matters.

Once more, why isn’t the 330d being sold in the USA? Low-sulfur fuel that makes efficient particulate-trap filters workable is now popular in the States. High diesel standards are a must in Europe, having no problems with hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide standards, still in the USA NOx standards allow only one-eighth of the amount permitted in Europe. So that’s why Mercedes-Benz is the only company offering an automotive diesel this model year. There also are to be considered the cost issues, The BMW 330d costing about $1,700 more than a 335i in Germany.

The 330d remains an imposing , hight-standard BMW sports sedan, and stats show it: 3.0-liter, 228-hp, 369-lb-ft turbo-diesel I6; rwd, six-speed manual, with excellent review at all test so far. Fuel millage of 32 mpg, not too high , not too low, is still pretty good, considering the curb weight of 3492 lb. So far so good for BMW, Europe says “Hurray!” and USA is waiting patiently…

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