BMW Concept CS

CS - side

On the 20th of April, BMW reveal their CS concept at Shangai car show, a much expected preview of the series to come. Resembling the next-generation 7 series, the CS is a four-dour with coupe styling. With sizes of 200.8 inches long and a huge 78 inches wide and a scant 53.5 inches high, this is a beast, bigger than the 7 series, with a seating capacity of four persons.

The CS series is supposed to keep in line with the upcoming Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapid, and mostly top the Mercedes-Benz CLS, which started the four-dour coupe rave. The “flamed surfacing” treatment initiated by American designer Chris Bangle is used by BMW in combination with classic sports cat design, the agile feline look and a front that copies a bit the Dodge Charger. Concerning the behind, the CS series are sharp, with short edges, which gives the model a futuristic look. Huge 21-inch wheels and extended rear fenders sustain the powerful fast aura of the car, in the BMW style. A great plus is the stylish interior, with very good-looking wheel and panel, as seen in the photo.

CS - interior

The reason BMW are showing the car in Shangai first, not in their home-country Germany, is probably their partner in Asia, Brilliance, that sells a stretched version of the 5 series exclusive on the Asian market.“Over the last five years, the BMW brand alone has risen by more than 750 percent in Chinese mainland. No other major premium brand achieves such dynamic growth rates in this market”, states chairman Norbert Reithofer.

With the pedestrian safety issues being more and more debated, BMW assure the public that these regulations will not affect the personality of the CS series, and that even though the model to be displayed at the Shangai car show is but a preview, the production models will follow the fine line and sports-cat attitude.

Many a BMW enthusiast awaits this model, and hopes are high for the Concept CS series to make both an excelent appereance at the Shangai car show and to sell in great numbers when production is begun.

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  1. Steven:

    Even if i don’t like the size of this model that much i think this is the coolest bmw ever….very nice

    Posted on April 20th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

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