BMW M6 in a P.I.M.P version called “Tension”

BMW had a nice surprise installed for fans (and not only, many will be fans from now on, that’s for sure) at the 2005 Frankfurt auto show.. This surprise is a custom, very very cool version of the M6.

BMW M6 Tension - ext2

The car is customized by AC Schnitzer, and the BMW 6 Series, pimp-up versions of course, presented at the famous Frankfurt auto show, made all men gasp and women smile. It was received so well, that is production series just had to be made, being called the AC Schnitzer Tension Street Version.

This concept is no toy. We are talking about 544 hp with intake, exhaust and chip massaging. The Tension Steer Version also benefits from a dual-sports rear silencer with tailpipes, that make that nice booming sound every car-maniac loves so much. This BMW, and it is a very special BMW, also has great handling improvements, namely AC Schnitzer sports suspension spring kit and a strut tower brace, not to say of the Eibach springs that make the car move an inch closer to the ground. Tires are also AC Schnitzer, Type V’s with bicolor finish, 20 by 9.0 inches Michelin Pilot Sport 2s in the front and 20 by 10.0 in the back.

BMW M6 Tension - tires 2

Aerodynamic concepts also make the Tension a fabulous BMW, there are 11 pieces all in all, front, side and rear skirts, front fenders and trunk lid and more. All over the car details have been taken real good care of, chrome finishes make a real good impression.

The Tension BMW M6 pack can be be applied on most 6 Series models. Costs? $100,000 is the M6 itself, plus $53,000 more total add-on cost. Not too cheap, but worth it !

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  1. Bogdan:

    Nice, really nice… I think I`d love such a car !
    Nice blog site keep up the good work, maybe you can add a link to

    Posted on May 15th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

  2. tower 200:

    If I get the product and I dont like it how soon do i return it?

    Posted on March 5th, 2010 at 9:10 pm

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