BMW Concept CS

On the 20th of April, BMW reveal their CS concept at Shangai car show, a much expected preview of the series to come. Resembling the next-generation 7 series, the CS is a four-dour with coupe styling. With sizes of 200.8 inches long and a huge 78 inches wide and a scant 53.5 inches high, this […]

2006 BMW 130i

The BMW surprised us at Geneva with their new 3.0 liter engine under the hood of it`s 1 series. This engine powers the car at a top speed of 155 mph and is the same engine in 330i, with 255 hp. It can reach 0 to 62 mph in only 6.2 seconds, that it really […]

BMW Z4 Concept

The BMW Z4 Coupe concept is a roadster and a really nice sports car. And it is not quite a concept, while it will be on the production line in mid 2007. Probably, it’s not as nice and shiny as Porsche Cayman, but not as expensive either. It is powered by a 261hp 3.0 liter […]

2006 BMW M6

The BMW M6 is a 5.0 liter V10 that makes 500hp and 384 lb ft torque. It has a P ( power ) button that gives it Power, of course. If the button is not pressed, it has 394 hp and if you press it it will reach it`s real huge power. It has a […]

2008 BMW M3

After more than a decade with six-cylinder engine, the M3 will move to a V-8, as the latest M5 moved from the V-8 to ten cylinders. It seems that the new M3, that will be launched in late 2007 or 2008, will have more than 400 HP, that`s a big difference from the 333 HP […]