Berg Toys Ferrari FXX Pedal Car

The Ferrari FXX it’s a dream car, don’t you think? Probably many people would like to have one in their garage, but they can’t afford one, so now they can buy one of Berg Toys Ferrari FXX pedal car for their kids. The FXX Racer pedal car it has some of the original car features […]

Check Out The Ferrari F250 Concept

Many people are very good designers and come with great ideas, the latest creation comes from Idries Omar. He brought his talent upon the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and come up with his own project. This super car it’s supposed to be the F250 Concept and the most likely it will get a mid-mounted 2.5-liter V6 […]

Detroit Auto Show 2008: Ferrari F430 Spider

For the Detroit Auto Show, Ferrari came up with the F430 Spider. This version runs on E85 ethanol and they named it Bio Fuel. The fuel needed for the V8 engine consists in 85% ethanol and 15% regular gasoline. That increases the HP with 10 and makes 4.3-liter engine to unleash 500 HP and to save 5% fuel. […]

Vandenbrink Designs Ferrari 599 GT Convertible

Michiel van den Brink, dutch designer, decided to make his unique design of the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano after he successfully designed the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. With the help of the tuning-house Edo Competition, he “upgraded” the 600-hp, from the Enzo V12 engine, to a number of 750-hp. After hearing the rumors about Ferrari wanting to built […]

Ferrari F430 GT2 2008 To Be Unveiled

One of the best cars made by Ferrari is F430. In 2008 the Scuderia assigned Michelotto to upgrade(if it’s possible) the F430 GT2 in the quest for more trophies. Most of the GT racing cars are built by Michelotto since 1970, also for the models 288 GTO and F40.  The supercar will be presented at he Autosport International […]