Chicago ’08: Lexus Presents Pebble Beach Collection

Last week at Chicago Auto Show, Lexus unveiled a couple of cars RX 350 and ES 350, both special editions Pebble Beach company. The RX 350 will be available in 3 colors, Classic Silver Metallic, Obsidian Black and Truffle Mica. It features 18-inch wheels, chromed-grille and a special interior.The ES 350 Pebble Beach will be […]

Lexus Unveils IS-F, Preparation for IS-F/R

At the 2007 LA Auto Show, Lexus unveiled the new IS-F. This V8 sedan is set to challenge the BMW M3, Audi RS4 and Mercedes C63 AMG and to make the job done, the Japanese company is set to prepair a new car named by the press IS-F/R. In the pursuit of perfection, Lexus will increase the […]

New Technology On 2008 Lexus LX570

Lexus will put on the new 2008 LX570 a front view monitoring system to increase the drivers view. The system features a 180-degrees side-to-side view from the front of the car. It was designed to help you get back into traffic if your visibility is obstructed by another car, wall, tree or anything else. The […]

Lexus bring the LS 600hL, a true future-car

The new Lexus LS 600h L is going to be on sale in June this year. This vehicle is incredible! Lexus put forward all effort to create a supersedan, powerful as can be, with the most advanced technological features… and is as pollution-free as possible nowadays. The 5.0-liter V8 engine produces a stunning total of […]

Lexus LF-Sh Concept

Lexus is now expanding it’s markets and it’s being sold in Europe, China and Japan, too, excepting from the past, when it was only sold in U.S. and Canada. Now it will compete with other well known and respected brands like Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. It seems that it made a good deal, by expanding […]