2008 Geneva Auto Show Preview: Three-Door Mazda2

Mazda made an official announcement about the new Mazda2 which will be unveiled at 2008 Geneva Auto Show in March. The new model is a three-door version which has the same dimensions like the five-door version, also the Japanese company said that there will be available the same engine line-up. According to Mazda, this hatchback […]

Detroit Auto Show 2008: Mazda Furai Concept

We couldn’t wait to see the Mazda Furai at Detroit Auto Show and we finally show it to you. The design is very attractive, nice curves, they thought at everything. We remind you that the car was designed with the help of Swift Engineering and it has the chassis of a race car, Courage C65. […]

Mazda Say They Will Delight Us With RX-8 RS

Mazda is ready to unveil a new version of RX-8 model. They called it RX-8 RS . The unveiling is programmed for Tokyo Auto Salon and the car is supposed to be an upgrade for the RX-8 which can be seen at Detroit Auto Show this week. There is no way that you cannot observe […]

Mazda Furai Ready For Unveiling at Detroit ’08

Mazda Furai will show up for Detroit Auto Show next month. Mazda published a photo a couple of weeks ago and now, Inside Line released more photos of the concept. The car is based on a C65 chassis used by Mazda in 2005 season of ALMS. Furai means “Sound of wind”(if anybody wants to learn Japanese) and the theme of […]

2009 Mazda3 design to inspire all future Mazda cars

Mazda will change almost entirely its design based on the ideas from their design-chief, Laurens van den Acker. His dream cars will be able to hit the road in the coming years. The first model who will have the honour to feature the concept ideas formed in last years will be Mazda3. The face-grid showed […]