The Unveiling Of Nissan 370Z At Paris Motor Show In October

According to Autocar, Nissan is preparing the revised version of the Nissan 350Z. It is rumored that the revised 350Z will become a 370Z because it will be powered by the same 3.7-liter engine as the Infinity G37. With the introduction of the G37 it was only a matter of time before Nissan changed the […]

Nissan GT-R Amuse On The Circuit

At the Tokyo Auto Salon was presented the Nissan GT-R. Now we bring you the Amuse version which features an entirely carbon fiber front, new evacuation and new model seats. Nissan is preparing this GT500 for the Super GT Championship. The racing design was made with the help of NISMO. The Amuse was brought for […]

Other News About Nissan FORUM Concept

Nissan will unveil the Forum concept next month in Detroit. This minivan is set to replace the Quest. Some of the features of the Forum are the rotating Turntable Seating(second row), trackless doors and b-pillarless construction. These are meant to emphase the concept’s interior. Other “goods” are the wireless TV monitors, audio muting/intercom setup named Time Out […]

Nissan’s Forum Latest Backseat Drawing

Look at the latest drawing of the Nissan Forum concept car. We remind you that Forum is a minivan made public by the Nissan company. You can observe the swivelling middle seat, a standard characteristic on all minivans in the next couple of years. We are waiting Nissan Forum to show up for the Detroit Auto Show, January […]

The Sale Of Nissan Tiida Started In Europe

Nissan is starting the sale of Tiida in Europe. This car doesn’t have to many differences from the same car, known by the Americans as the Versa, except the engine bay. Nissan didn’t said in what tier of Euro emissions this car fits or anything about its performance, but they’ve announced that Tiida could be […]