Volkswagen Scirocco GT24

Volkswagen has just introduced their racing edition of the Scirocco GT24 at W├Ârther Lake for the world to see. Yet, this race car has been tested by the champions Carlos Sainz and Hans-Joachim Stuck. Volkswagen has also concentrated on their 16-valve injection engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler system, to maximize torque up to […]

’08 Geneva – Volkswagen Scirocco

For the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen brought the 2009 Scirocco and they wanted to show off with this model, so they displayed three examples consisting of a white one and the other two were red. Volkswagen introduced some nice features for the sportscar which you can read it in the press release after the jump […]

Detroit Auto Show: Volkswagen Passat CC

Volkswagen unveiled the Passat CC. Some of its features are “imported” from the standard sedan. Volkswagen came up with a more attractive design and the new front fascia and the smaller rear overhang. The interior also has been modified, now it’s more ergonomic and it features new panel instruments. You can choose between various engines, […]

18-karat 1968 Beetle at Bucharest Luxury Show

This year’s Bucharest Luxury Show had the privilege to host a Volkswagen Beetle. Where is the privilege? Well, this car is made from glass and is covered 18-karat gold and with a beautiful girl next to it, this was the best way to pleasure your eyes. You could buy the 1968 Volkswagen Beetle with a […]

Space Up! unveiled by VW

Is the new Space Up! blue console an effect of the collaboration between Apple and VW? Probably, but all we know is that VolksWagen revealed it at the LA auto show and that it sports a 7 inch touchscreen display. All the functions are controlled by the console with a simple touch of the display, […]