Chevrolet Corvette, better&better for 2008

2008 Corvetter - exterior

General Motors made an announcement Friday at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Ky, telling the world about the new Corvette supercar. Maintaining the new generation Corvette body line, the new standard engine is the recently developed LS3. This new engine is quite rare in the Corvette series so far, as most cars are powered be the LS2.

These changes aim to keep Chevrolet Corvette it front of the high-performance car competition 2008. The new LS3 engine produces 430 hp, being a 6.03 liter aluminum push-rod V-8. There is also planed an optional two-mode exhaust system, that rises horsepower up to 436. Still, the superhigh-performance Corvette Z06 is undefeated, returning in 2008 with 505 hp.

Most interesting is that the pump-up in power is supposed to have no effect whatsoever upon fuel consumption, as emission are lower and EPA certification category cleaner. So the new Corvette remains at 18 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, says says John Rydzewski.

Features that were optional in the past come standard with the new 2008 Corvette: OnStar with navigation, XM radio and mirrors that dim automatically. Interior is also improved, and can be labelled “lux plus”, considering the bright trim on the center console and door sill, as well as the excellent materials used.

Corvette 2008 - interior pic

The 2008 Chevrolet Corvette goes into production in late July, and sales are to be expected in August. For one reason or another, General Motors have announced no price up to now, but the The 2007 Corvette Coupe starts at $44,995, and buyers should definitely expect the 2008 Corvette to have a higher price..

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  1. Corvette Finder:

    The 2008 was a good car. I hope the 2011 will be even better! I hope that they make is faster and faster!

    Posted on December 31st, 2010 at 3:34 am

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