Detroit Auto Show 2008: BMW X6


BMW announced at Detroit Auto Show that they start the production of the X6. The Bavarian company says that the car is a coupe-crossover combination. It has a nice interior but not very comfortable for those who are staying on the back-seat. For this model, BMW will use the new 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine which uses direct-injection. The engine produces 407 HP and 450 lb-ft torque between 1800 and 4500 RPM. They say that this engine is the most economical and efficient in its class.

They have chosen a six-speed automatic transmission, but the driver can also change gears manually. Also, the car features xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control which is a little different by regular stability control systems and it’s supposed to be better and to give drivers a special feeling.

We are used to get exceptional cars from BMW and this hatchback model is one of them. We wish them the best and to keep making better and better concepts. We think this car will be one of the best in SUV-class.

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