Detroit Auto Show 2008: Glass Roof Mustang

Ford Mustang Glass Roof

This year at Detroit, Ford tried to bring something into Mustang’s design and they came up with a glass roof. The new Shelby GT500KR looks very good with this “haircut”. For this version, Ford prepared a 5.4-liter V8 supercharged engine which develops 540 HP. They planned to put into production about 1,000 units. Also, the Mustang is the best sold convertible in the U.S., almost one out of two sports-cars sold it’s Ford’s jewel. The glass roof will be available for $1,995 and another interesting thing is that Shelby will celebrate its 45th anniversary and we would like to remind you that the Shelby GT500KR will be the star of a the movie “KITT”. We want to congratulate Ford for their continuity and we wish them the best.

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