Electric is the future: Ac Propulsion’s eBox

eBox - exterior

AC Propulsion has developed a state-of-the art electric car, actually an older model remade, the eBox. The first electric care tested officially is supposed to be EV1 of Honda, was tested 10 years ago, and did quite poorly. Nowadays, the brilliant eBox of AC Propulsion is starting to seem a tempting option, even compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle. Should we consider the rising price of gasoline…

The eBox is a big car, with four doors hatchback and almost as big as a regular Land Rover, as you can observe in the photo. The 161 horsepower engine, at 5500 rpm can reach 60 mph in 7.02 seconds, an impressive performance for an electric car.

Designed by a great team of innovators and ecological enthusiast, the Ac Propulsion eBox runs with ultra-efficient lithium-ion batteries, using nothing but electricity. Thus, it doesn’t need one drop of gasoline, and is totally pollution-free ! The car can go 150 miles per charge, if you take it easily , and almost 120 if you don’t. That is impressing, considering that soon most gas stations will also have electrical systems implement for recharging electrical vehicles. At the slalom the eBox went by at 42.6 mph, not bad at all. Range is also much improved, the eBox can theoretically go 150 milles with on charge. This is achievable thanks to the Li-Ion batteries, that offer 355 volts and 35 kilowatts and weigh only 595 pounds, including the cables and battery box.

However, the average driver won’t be too eager to exchange his classic car for an electric vehicle, be it one with such standards. Even though it is extremely practical, sitting five and still has some space free for luggage, the cruise is very pleasant with no noise and thrust, prospects of mass production are almost inexistent. With the back seats folded, even small furniture or such can be transported, so the car could be useful even for a company.

With the price of gas being in constant increase, and pollution issues becoming more and more disscused, an electric-vehicle revolution may soon come, and ingenious cars such as the eBox of AC Propulsion may be the future in automobiles.

eBox - back

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