Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Revealed

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

Ferrari has revealed a new model, the FXX Evoluzione, that’s being developed in collaboration with its Client Test Drivers and the support of the Formula 1 Driver Michael Schumacher. Unfortunately, the Ferrari FXX can’t be driver on public roads, because it’s not homologated and currently it seems there aren’t any plans to introduce it in any competition either, but it’s only designed for track driving.

The drivers have made over 35,000 kilometers with it and they’ve helped to increase the car’s aerodynamics, electronics and running gear, making it an exceptional super car.

It’s 6,2 liter V12 engine produces a whopping 860hp at 9,500rpm and the gearshifting time has been reduced by 20ms, to only 60ms. The gear ratios have also been adapted to use the extra 1000rpm the engine now provides.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

The driver can choose from nine different settings of the traction control system, excluding the off one, which offers the driver full control of the car. Being extremely flexible, the traction control can adapt to each driving style.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione uses especially designed 19 inches Bridgestone tires, a new suspension geometry and Brembo brakes, with Composite Ceramic Material discs ( CCM ). The buyers of FXX Evoluzione get o participate to a series of track events for 2008/2009, two in Europe, two in Asia and two in North America, along with the Ferrari World Finals.

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