First Test In Public For Creventic’s CR-8

Creventic CR-8

We were expecting that somebody sooner or later was going to take the Audi R8 racing, now Dutches Creventic BV is ready to do that. Until now they didn’t modify the car to much, so the CR-8 has only a plus of 10 hp over the stock of 420. Creventic also removed the factory-installed low-gear restrictor and they’ve also modified the exterior so the CR-8 will look more of a racing car. They’ve put on AST suspension components, 18-inch BBS rims, Toyo racing slicks and a 90-liter racing fuel tank. Among other modifications, Creventic are trying to get more power out from the RS4 V8 engine, create carbon fiber body panels and a sequential gearbox for racing. Next month you will be able to see the firsts CR-8s in the United Arab Emirates, at the Dubai Autodrome. This race-track test will be a good way to unveil Creventic’s CR-8.


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