Ford Verve/Fiesta Concept – ’08 Geneva Preview

Ford Verve/Fiesta Concept

For today we have prepared some news about Ford and to be more specific, about the Verve Concept. The production version of the Verve Concept will be called the Fiesta all around the world and it will be a four-door sedan, not a three-door hatchback.

It seems like a major changing, but these seem to be only things they will not keep for the final version. The Vervce Concept had its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year in September and now the Fiesta will be present at the Geneva Motor Show in a week-time.

This model is ideal for crowded cities cause it’s a small car and it should fit well with every drivers.
2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side - Back2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side - Front2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Front - Side2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Interior2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Interior

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