From Quattroporte To Cinqueporte By StudioM And StudioTorino

Maserati Cinqueporte

What would you do if you were an Arab sheik with literally unlimited funds and also a car fanatic ? Well, in a specific case, a Middle Eastern sheik ordered a custom estate wagon version of Maserati Quattroporte. The result is called Cinqueporte and it’s modified by StudioTorino and StudioM, for an unknown definitely not low price. This client has also ordered a few custom estate wagon Ferraris and the reason we say it didn’t go cheap is that he wants luxury and a StudioM’s previous project only for the interior of Maserati Quattroporte went to a whopping €350,000.

Click on the photos to visit the gallery, where you can see more pictures with the so-called Maserati Cinqueporte.

Maserati Cinqueporte SideMaserati Cinqueporte BackMaserati Cinqueporte Front

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