General Motors to sell Cadillacs again in the UK

Cadillac BLS

General Motors is making another step forward, as they are going to be the distributors of Cadillac in Great Britain, once more. The Dutch distributor Kroymans has been, until recently, the firm that sold Cadillacs in the UK, but failed in doing so, selling poorly in two and a half years. It isn’t the first time Cadillac was supposed to be distributed in Great Britain by an exterior firm, General Motors subsidiary Vauxhall tried in the 1990s to sell the Seville STS, with not much success.

Now, Cadillac intends to wake things to life, and the wagon version of the Saab-based, Europe-only BLS will be released this fall. The team at General Motors intends to use witty marketing plans to make the car sell, and also the arrival of the BLS should make British sellers more aware of Cadillac.

In the past two or so years, in Great Britain, excellent Cadillac models such as the BLS, the CTS sedan and the SRX have been sold in extremely low numbers, no more than 600. The Dutch distributor Kroymans doesn’t even know that number of cars sold in 2007, and that proves just what a bad job they have done. Not to say of the about 300 cars that are still unsold…

Now General Motors has to show what they can do of this critical situation. Saab will have responsibility, most of all. As the average Brit prefers luxury European or Japanesse models, so it will be no easy job. Expanding the number of dealerships is priority number one for General Motors.

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