Kia 2007 Rondo, rising higher than expectations

Kia may not sound like the most exquisite label in the world, nor does it have a great history in car-making. However, the 2007 Rondo is one vehicle that Kia can be proud of, and that benefits from much appraise from buyers.

Kia Rondo - ext

The 2007 Kida Rondo is combination concept, can be seen as a SUV, a family car, a mini-van and what not. In could stand competition with the Nissan Versa, only a little bigger, or with the Opel Zafira.

The good parts of the Rondo are first of all design and utility, space is used at it’s maximum. You can sit four persons, and still get some room in the back for luggage. Also, a great advantage is visibility, rendered very good by the low window sills, by the low cowl height and generally the grand quantity of glass is why the Rondo has a great plus in what concerns visibility. In tight traffic, it’s easy to imagine why visibility is so important, and becoming a major concern for drivers nowadays.  

Kia Rondo - ext back

Under the Rondo there is a 2.4-liter dohc I4, that gives this vehicle just enough power for 3,333 lbs curb weight, with 162 hp at 5800 rpm and torque of 164 lb-ft at 4250 rpm. Driving is pretty smooth, even if complaints have been made concerning the driver’s seat position. Transmission is four-speed automatic, the Rondo could use a manual version, for Europe more that anywhere else. Interior is also pretty good, even if a little cheap.

Kia has just made a great step forward, the 2007 Rondo being a nicely designed car that costs only $18,495 , has low fuel consumption (24 EPA combined) and is very useful for family use and not only.

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