Land Rover 2007 Defender-British power, any place any time

LandRover 2007 Defender - ext

Land Rovers have been the symbol of British trucks for more than 50 years. The antique Huey, the first Land Rover dates from 1948, and was created during the war. By modern day standards, this car is tight and not to comfortable, and has a 1.6-liter engine at 50 hp, that at low gears can be a painful ride, with bumps and steers due to the rigid suspension.

Now to advance to the 2007 Defender. This model can be considered Land Rover’s greatest pride, up to now. The look is pretty classic, this is after all an utility car. The engine however, is revised through and through, the 2007 Defender is powered by a 2.4-liter, 121-hp, 265-lb-f torque turbodiesel, with four cylinders.The six-speed gearbox is enhanced, and meant to be used mainly off-road, with first gear extremely low. The Defender is capable of conquering the deepest mud, and has lot of room and features.

On the track, the 2007 Defender has done a great job. Thanks to the revised bushings and geometry, as well as the engine with a wider powerband, this is one Land Rover that goes well downhill, uphill, on sand, rocks, overgrown terrain…you name it !

LandRover 2007 Defender - mud

There are, of course, some setbacks to the 2007 Defender. Tight elbow room is one, and also there are fewer passanger seats. Seatbelt laws and modifications requiered by them are to blame. Plastics used are aren’t of top-quality, compared to competetion models like Jeep.

All considered, the 2007 Defender is a nice upgrade of the British label Land Rover, fit to off-road and also pavement. Sales in the USA are to start only in 2013, and that means Amercians will only see the future Defender model. In the UK, the Defender starts at $40,000.

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