Maybach 62S

62 S - exterior

What is the best way to evaluated a luxurious car , let’s say a Maybach? Probably to sit in the back, relaxing, with a blond beautiful European lady, while the driver sees nothing and hears nothing and just keeps on driving…

Of course, we had to chose a more professional aproach. The 62 S is a high-speed überlounge on wheels, allowing two passengers to sit completely horizontal in the back seat. the “S” stands for Spezial. Mercedes-Benz boosted this 6.0-liter V12 engine’s output to 604 hp, which peaks between a breath-taking 4800 and 5100 rpm. You can imagine the great power it need to move, from 0 to 60 mph , a 7400-pound car. The speed is limited to 155 mph, which is anyway more that enough. All 62 S models sit on 20-inch Michelin tires, for noise reduction and better friction.

62 s - back

Klaus Nesser, CEO of Maybach, SLR and Exclusive Product, has depicted this car as “a jet on wheels”, this metaphor suggesting not only the car itself but also the buyers, most of which are millionaires, and a great part of them even own private jets.

The inside of the 62 S comes, by standard means, in leather and suede, for a more elegant touch. However, one can choose the classic wood in anthracite gray, for the traditionalist. Further custom options bring additional cost, but Maybach do offer a wide variety of possibilities.

Even though the 62 S is one of the most expensive series car on roads today, with a private driver, tucked comfortably in the leather sits, with a magnetic custom-made champagne flute, listening to some Bach or maybe Rollin Stones on the 600-watt Stereo, isn’t it maybe worth it ?

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