MCE MC1 Revealed By Car Magazine


A few spy shots of an unknown but impressive car, made everybody to wonder what type and what brand this concept is? Many tried to give their best guesses, they even labeled the car to be the new Lotus Esprit, but they were all wrong.

According to Car Magazine the super car is named MCE MC1 and they actually presented a few great photos of the concept. The car’s body was designed by David Hilton who is also responsible for other cool draws like the Ford Focus RS and S-Max. In this project are involved two companies, MotorCity Europe and C2P Automotive, each with definite responsibilities. While MCE it’s responsible for the design, C2P will develop and manufacture this supercar.

Car Magazine was kind enough to specify some technical details, a V10 engine which produces 600 HP and the chassis should be entirely made of carbon fiber, 20-inch wheels in front and 21-inch wheels in rear. They also said that MC1 will be shorter and narrower than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 but 15mm higher.

We hope that they will find enough finances to take the project into production line and we think MCE MC1 will draw everybody’s attention when cruising.

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