Mercedes P8 Concept

Mercedes has serious plans of fighting with the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Ferrari 360 Modena and has presented the P8 concept. They definitely have a hard job, but might do it. Currently, they haven’t decided if it will get on production or not, but the P8 looks really nice and sportive, being a mid-engined coupe, also available in cabrio model, as Mercedes stated.

Mercedes P8

There are rumors it will be powered by naturally aspired V8 6.3 liter engine, also used in the future AMG models. It should generate 500hp with a more powerful twin turbocharged model available. As it seems, it will have some minuses, in comparison with the Modena and Gallardo, at least at pricing, that will be at over $450,000.

Of course, Mercedes will put a lot of safety features on the car, especially the front, side and curtain airbags and also will use the Pre-Safe system, that avoids the crash and, if it fails, it prepares the car for it.

Until now, the car hasn’t been approved by the Mercedes and McLaren board memers, but it should be released. Anyway, we will probably have to wait at least one year for it’s release and i will pass this one, because it’s quite pricy.

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