New Brabus Limousine Tested At Nardo

Brabus Maybach 57

If you heard about Maybach Exelero, the high-speed car which is a premium marque of Mercedes-Benz that has never been in production and has its basis on the luxurious Maybach 57, then Brabus made something as good as that. The German tuners, who make all the cars they touch very fast, produced this limousine  of 730-hp.

Brabus wanted to build a high-speed limousine, and to do that they had to tune the V12 twin-turbo engine from the Maybach 57 by rising its power up to 730-hp. They’ve increased it from 5.5 liters to 6.3 and put on new pistons, crankshaft and others. They’ve also reprogrammed the ECU and installed a custom exhaust.

Like the Maybach Exelero, the new Brabus car was tested at Nardo test track, in Italy. Although it reached a top speed of 205.2 mph it can not be compared to the Exelero which reached a top speed of 218.4 mph. We think that this is an extraordinary car because it is luxurious and it also reaches a very high speed.

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