Bugatti Veyron Hermès – ’08 Geneva Preview

Bugatti Veyron Geneva

Bugatti is doing it’s best to promote the Veyron better and it has probably run to a performance limit, with 1,001 hp and a maximum speed of 253 mph. Now they teamed up wit Hermès to create an extreme interior package. They have to offer the best considering Veyron’s price of $1.4m.

The Hermès Veyron will probably be released in a limited edition, like the Pur Sang and you’ll have the chance to view it at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, next month. The Pur Sang only included five units sold in the first day.

Bugatti Veyron FrontBugatti Veyron FrontBugatti Veyron BlueBugatti Veyron GrayRed Bugatti VeyronBugatti Veyron Rear Engine

Ford Verve/Fiesta Concept – ’08 Geneva Preview

Ford Verve/Fiesta Concept

For today we have prepared some news about Ford and to be more specific, about the Verve Concept. The production version of the Verve Concept will be called the Fiesta all around the world and it will be a four-door sedan, not a three-door hatchback.

It seems like a major changing, but these seem to be only things they will not keep for the final version. The Vervce Concept had its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year in September and now the Fiesta will be present at the Geneva Motor Show in a week-time.

This model is ideal for crowded cities cause it’s a small car and it should fit well with every drivers.
2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side - Back2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Side - Front2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Front - Side2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Interior2009 Ford Verve-Fiesta Concept Interior

The BAT 11 Concept – ’08 Geneva Preview

BAT 11 Concept

Berlinetta Aerodinamica Technica, or BAT, is an Italian design house which currently is struggling to survive and is barely making a living. Marie-Jeanne Bertone, vice-chairman of BAT and daughter of famous Giuseppe “Nuccio” Bertone, says that the company will make its appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.

Even though Lilli Bertone, chairman of BAT, claims that they will not be present at the upcoming auto show, she is countered by a statement released by the company in which is sustained the fact that the Italians will unveil a new concept at Geneva.

The new concept is rumored to be based on the Alfa 8C Competizione, but the car will be designed only at the exterior and will not feature an interior and it will be named BAT 11. What will happen? We don’t know, but we are sure that the Geneva Motor Show will bring joy to all car fans.

Morgan LifeCar Concept – ’08 Geneva Preview

Morgan LifeCar

The Mortan LifeCar concept has been expected for a long time and now the project is almost ready. It took almost 2 million pounds for developing and the work of a few companies, along with three universities.

Based on the Morgan Aero 8, is powered by hydrogen fuel cells it combines the futuristic style with retro, being a wonderful, unique car. Finally, it’s throng of fans will be able to finally view it at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, next month. Until then, you can watch it in our gallery.

Morgan LifeCarMorgan LifeCarMorgan LifeCar BodyMorgan LifeCar SketchMorgan LifeCar InteriorMorgan LifeCar Sketch

Renault Alpine – ’08 Geneva Preview

Renault Alpine

As the Geneva Motor Show is very near, we plan to give you more previews about the upcoming auto show. Now we will focus our attention on Renault. After they announced the new Koleos Crossover, Patrick Pelata made it official that the French automaker will unveil a new sports car next month.

The sports concept will feature turbocharged mid-engine and rear wheel drive, among others. With only few days remaining, they should hurry up and furbish up their products.