$1,000,000 For Corvette ZR1 at Barret-Jackson Auction

2009 Corvette ZR1

You have to know this. The first Corvette ZR1 car has been sold for $1,000,000. For the two-seated car, it was a fierce battle between Jay Leno and Dave Ressler, but in the end the winner was Dave. We remind you that the super-car costs around $99,000, so 1 million bucks may be a little too much. The car features a 6.2 V8 supercharged engine which produces around 620HP. I think we all agree that this is a powerful car and it has an attractive design, but are very happy that a part of the money will go to charity.

Aston Martin Rapide Spy Photo

Aston Martin Rapide

The Aston Martin Rapide was unveiled this year at Detroit Auto Show and is scheduled to get into production next year. The prototype was spotted at a gas station and it seems they changed just a little. The door handles and the 10-twin-spoke wheels are the same. We are curious to see if the interior will suffer major adjustments, because we were impressed by the two-bottles of champagne, the drinking glasses and the cigar cutter. We expect them to put these features in an extended package. We can hardly wait for the final version and we hope it will be better than the concept( if that’s possible!).

Nissan GT-R Amuse On The Circuit

Nissan GT-R Amuse

At the Tokyo Auto Salon was presented the Nissan GT-R. Now we bring you the Amuse version which features an entirely carbon fiber front, new evacuation and new model seats. Nissan is preparing this GT500 for the Super GT Championship. The racing design was made with the help of NISMO. The Amuse was brought for testing at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan and it obtained a 1:01.332 time. Very good car and also very fast, for the GT fans we hope this car will keep up in the Super GT Championship.

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2008: Mugen Type-RR

Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR

Back to the Tokyo Auto Salon, here is the Honda Civic Mugen Type-RR. The entire front of the car is made of carbon fiber and so is the special interior. The 2157 cc K20A engine produces 260 HP and 173 lb-ft torque and the transmission is a six-speed manual. The car features I-TCMS which means Intelligent Tire Condition Monitoring System. Other details we currently do not possess, but we hope that the extra-large name of the concept represents the quality of the car.

Saleen Announces the SA-25 Sterling Edition

Saleen Sterling Edition Mustang

Saleen Autosport is a company founded by Steve Saleen 25 years ago. Since then, he has been “upgrading” the Mustangs, some of them are the SA-5 Mustang in ’88, the SA-10 in ’93, the SA-15 in ’98 and the SA-20 in ’03. Now, the company informed that they will build the SA-25 Sterling Edition. For this Mustang they prepared a V8 supercharged engine which produces 620 HP and 600 lb-ft torque.

Other features are the unique wheels, “Gun Sight” racing stripes and the anniversary fender signs. The interior will feature Black Diamond Alcantara Leather and navigation system. For the customers Saleen prepared some bonuses which include first-class flight to Detroit, limousine transportation, dinner with Saleens’s Executives, a tour of the Saleen factory and a custom leather jacket.

For the 25th anniversary of the company, Saleen Autosport will make only 25 models which will cost around $99.995. Cool design, cool car, go for it!