Porsche Panamera – some spy photos

The Porsche four-dour sedan, Panamera, is not to be seen in the flesh (as to say so) until the Frankfurt auto-show, in 2009. Still, some spy shots and computer-generated photos give a hint as to how the car will look.

Porsche Panamera - spy shot

Early reports talk about a 4.8-liter V8 engine under the Panamera, that burst out at 400 hp, that being the sedan. Also, for hybrid still only 400 hp. The turbochardeg models, however, benefit from 520 hp. The engine is placed in the front, and at that power superior friction and excellent stability must be achieved…Porsche should be able to rise to those expectations, but only the future will tell for sure.

Porsche intends to produce an estimate of 20,000 vehicles per years, of which about 35 percent are supposed to be sold in the United States of America. Porsche fans around the around are anxious to hear more news about the Panamera, that’s for sure. The car will be a VIP at the Frankfurt auto show, and that’s quite something, as the list isn’t at all short..

Porsche Panamera - spy shot2

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