Renault Laguna Review

Renault Laguna

The latest Laguna appears for the first time at the Frankfurt auto show and is derived from the old car’s underpinnings. The car deals with uneven surfaces capably, and feels luxurious and refined.
In tune with the exceptional level of traveling comfort offered, New Laguna’s interior design creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity for all occupants aboard. From the driver’s seat, impressions are promising. The cabin is clearly and logically laid out, while the high-quality plastics are very impressive.
In the rear, fold-flat seats enhance space, as does the wide-opening hatchback rear.
In addition to the remote-controlled locking system, New Laguna offers a locking system via a button on the driver door handle. In the same way, the car is started by a simple press of a button on the dashboard.

Renault Laguna Interior

The petrol range will be launched on the market gradually, starting with the dynamic, smooth and quiet 2.0 liter 16 valve petrol engine 140 hp. With good torque in low gears and a spirited drive in higher gears, with sound-dampening across the range of engine speeds, it offers enhanced driving pleasure. The fuel consumption of 7.9 litres per 100 km gives an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds. It offers the advantage of a maintenance-free distribution chain with a lifetime guarantee.
New Laguna has taken full advantage of Renault’s acclaimed expertise in the field of safety, both active and passive. It can boast the best braking performance of its category, particularly in the endurance test while braking when hot.
In order to recognise and react to impact twice as fast, it has a unique system comprising two sensors, implanted in the front door and centre pillar. A specific algorithm adapts the reaction time delay to the violence of the impact and sets off a new double-side airbag, with a double chamber and double pressure.
The Oil Control System permits longer distance intervals between oil changes.
With this car, Renault has made the commitment to be positioned in the Top 3 in terms of product and service quality. The company aims to attract a demanding clientele, thus taking the first step to repositioning Renault in the top sector of the market.

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