Saturn 2008 Vue, a nice SUV at a fair price

The 2008 Saturn Vue XR AWD is the jewel of General Motors, for this year. We are talking about a car with excellent stats, a remake of it’s pedecesor that will be built in the same time all around the world, by over 500 ingineers. In plants in the United States of America, Germany, Korea, will be sold as Opel Antara, and other names under labels like Chevrolet, Daewoo and Holden. This is the first world-wide project of General Motors, and might be the beginning of a new era in car-making, sales-wise. 

Saturn 2008 Vue - ext

The 2008 model of Vue has multiple choices for engines, and can chose between a 3.6-liter, 257-hp, 248-lb-ft V6, a 3.5-liter, 222-hp, 219-lb-ft V6, or a base 2.4-liter, 169-hp, 161-lb-ft inline four. Transmission is also in two packs, four-speed automatic for V4s and for the V6 a six-speed automatic. The Vue, most of all the V6 modelall-wheel-drive Vue XR, can easily win the competitin with the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, for example, being lighter than the RAV4. Speed is also an improvement, from 0 tp mph the 2008 Vue makes 7.0 seconds. Stability is pretty good, at least for this type of car. Drive experience is good all-in-all, even if a bit harsh, and even if the electrically assisted steering is also not exactly a joy. 

Saturn 2008 Vue - int

Interior is a great leap for this small SUV, with modern plastic, style is the word. The 2008 Saturn Vue XR AWD, all versions actually, are great leaps forward for Saturn. Considering also that costs start from $21,395, and include added standard stability control, head curtain airbags, antilock brakes, collapsible pedals and 16-inch alloy wheels, this car is sure to sell well.

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