Scion xB and xD, most wanted by youngters

Scion is a division of Toyota, that creates inexpensive, trend-cars. Why “trend-cars” ? Because half of the buyers are youngsters, that appreciate the multiple customization options that Scion offers. Also, the low prices, usually much lower than Toyota models, are attractive. A total of 173,034 Scions were sold, up from the year-before total of 156,485, and further in the past  99,255 per year. So the Scion trend is growing with every day. 

More than half the Scions you can see on the street are customus, not standard factory models. The labell is now four years old, and heard of more and more.

Two models are put forth by Scion this year. The rather rectangular xB, now and it’s second concept, and the smaller xD. Let’s take a look at each of this vehicles.

Scion xB

The Scion xB is constructed on an excellent platform, used also on the Auris and the new Corolla. It weights 3020 pounds, so it’s a pretty big car. The xB is powered by a 2.4-liter 2AZ-FE engine, 158 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque.Suspension is MacPherson struts up front and a torsion beam at the rear, transmission our-speed automatic or five-speed manual. Base price is $16,230.

Scion xD

The new Scion xD is based on the Toyota Yaris platform,  but costs less. Engine is Scion’s own 2ZR-FE 1.8-liter four,with variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust cams. Not too powerful, at 128 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque, this ingenious engine is still just enough for the xD, a 2625 lb (curb weight) car. The engine is ingenious because it is uses little fuel, the xD goes 30 miles with just one gallon. There is a choice between five-speed manual or four-speed automatic. With the interior you can pretty much do whatever you want to, custom lighting, skins for panel and or audio system. 

The Scion xB is being sold now, while the xD is coming up in August. Sales are sure to be high, mostly in the under-30 years market.

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