Spyker D12 To Hit The Market Next Year

Spyker D12 SSUV

Spyker is still working on new models, despite the financial troubles that the company has. We already know that they will unveil the C8 Laviolette at Geneva, but we’ve heard that we would be able to see the new Spyker D12 at Paris and it will also begin production starting next year. This affirmation comes from a website which claims that the news comes from a conference, where the announcement has been made by the Spyker President, Victor Muller. No other proofs were found that the D12 will hit the market next year.

Spyker has plans to hit the Eastern Europe market, so if their new SUV will be puted into production their plan will be accomplished. The Eastern Europe market for SUVs is still growing, so it will be a good thing for Spyker to sell their D12 there.

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