’08 Geneva – Booth Babes

The Geneva Motor Show came with some new cars, concepts, ideas, but we also noticed the other beautiful exhibits – the babes. They are present at every auto show, so there was no room for exception this year. Probably a part of the visitors came there to admire only them and they ignored those things […]

’08 Geneva – Volkswagen Scirocco

For the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen brought the 2009 Scirocco and they wanted to show off with this model, so they displayed three examples consisting of a white one and the other two were red. Volkswagen introduced some nice features for the sportscar which you can read it in the press release after the jump […]

Spyker C8 Laviolette Ready For The 2008 Geneva Auto Show

Spyker is an exclusive automaker which was founded in 2000 by Victor Muller and Maarten de Bruijn. The purpose of this reborn company is to produce super sports cars like C8 and C8 Laviolette. For the Geneva Auto Show which will take place this in year in March, they are planning to unveil a new […]