The Concept Of The New Ford Focus RS Expected At London Motor Show

Ford Focus RS

Ford is working on its new Focus RS, and they want it to reach a top speed of 155mph. They want it to be ready for sales for the begining of 2009, and they’ve priced it at around £25,000, so the RS will abase the Volkswagen Golf R32. The new RS incorporates the updates made to the basic 2008 focus, and it is maid for people who liked the previous model. A concept of the new Focus RS will be unveild at the London motor show.

Ford used on this car a 20-valve, 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo engine which is also used on the Focus ST, but they’ve modified the electronics and replaced the pistons, cams and valve springs, they’ve put on a bigger turbo and a larger intercooler. By modifying this parts they made the engine produce 280bhp from 222bhp. As we said Ford are trying to make the car reach 155mph and they also expect that the car will go from 0-60mph in under 6 seconds. The new Focus RS won’t have a four-wheel drive, because the engineers say that the four-wheel system will add 150kg to the car. Ford doesn’t know if the car will have the six-speed PowerShift gearbox.

With all of this said we can’t wait to see the concept at the London motor show in July, and even more we can’t wait to see it on the market.

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