The Latest Pics of KITT

KITT’s Exterior

More pics of KITT, Knight Rider’s car. We remind you that KITT is a Shelby GT500 KR and the movie will have its premiere, on 17 February next year. The new pics include KITT’s interior. Let’s see what Ford prepaired for us.

The new car’s exterior design is as simple as the original one, but its simplicity is the one who stands out. The basic features were kept because it was obvious that the original ideas were very good. The black paint is emphasised by the red light bars rising up from the hood nostrils and the 20-inch chromed wheels can command respect.

KITT’s Interior

The biggest achievement of Ford is the interior of the Shelby GT500KR who has been plently improved by Knight Industries. Information is displayed on the windshield, the steering wheel is half-moon shaped and a keyboard arises from the glove compartment.

KITT’s Attack Mode

As we were accustomed, KITT has an attack version. As you can see in the drawing, the designers tried to frighten Knight Rider’s enemies by converting it into a “car of muscle”. Follow-up, we can’t wait to see the two-hour special movie even if the only reason is the hero-car.

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    hello ai’m buy car kitt am weres from poland may city its lodz street helska 17/3

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