The Standard Taxi, a yellow fellow at NY Auto Show

At the New York auto show all sorts of fancy cars and giant trucks could be seen… and standing in a cornet,shy, what do we have? A taxi. To be precise, the Standard Taxi.

Standard Taxi

On the outside, the cab is pretty much a rectangle, with rounded edges. Not too stylish, but practical. One could say “It sure is .. yellow!”. On the inside however, the Standard gets better. There is enough room to sit four persons plus enough space for a wheelchair facing front or rear (this is a requirement for a taxi vehicle). The taxi driver benefits from his own personal area, with all the modern features: adjustable seat, GPS, computer access. The payment pass-through section makes it easier and faster to hand the driver the money and get going. The car is pretty “tall”, with 79.4 inches height, which may be a problem is sharp turns.

The Standard Taxi is powered by a practical GM 3.6 V-6 engine and is designed with a conventional driveline with a solid rear axle. Low operational costs where the purpose of this design. The Standard Taxi will be available on gasoline, CNG, or LPG, but diesel or electric (not to talk of hybrid) are not available.

USA market has seen before optimized, specific taxi vehicles. The Checker Cab of the 1950s and 60s is an example. Low production costs and also low repair costs are the greatest advantages of the Standard Taxi, and taxi companies are sure to keep that in mind.

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