Two Designers To Revive The Interlagos


The first series production sport car produced in Brazil was the Willys Interlagos, which has its basis on the Renault Alpine 108. The car was named after the famous race track in São Paulo, and the original model was brought by Willys Overland do Brazil. Between the years 1964 and 1966 the Brazilians produced more than 800 units of Willys Interlagos. This car belongs to Brazils history of car racing along with famous race drivers like Bird Clement, José Carlos Pace, Emerson and Wilson Fittipaldi.

In our days two designers: Felipe Guimarães Coelho and João Paulo Cunha Melo, started to work on a new model of the Willys Interlagos. Although they use all kind of modern softwares for its design, they wanted their new Interlagos to be similar to the old one. The new Interlagos keeps its original idea to be a low price sport car, so the concept will have Renault components and mechanical set. Like the anterior model, it will have an extremely light construction. The new Interlagos will have a transversal engine and transmission, and it will be powered by 142 HP.

Felipe Guimarães Coelho and João Paulo Cunha Melo also registered the Trade Mark “Interlagos”, so their project will benefit of the best tehnique.

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