Two new big&bad cars for Nissan in 2008: Titan and Armada

2007 has been, and continues to be, a busy busy year for Nissan. Not only will Nissan launch around 10 new models around the world, but the famous car maker also has interesting surprises up it’s sleeve for car shows like Tokyo, New York and many others. In the long list of models that were or are going  to be introduced to the public this year, the “big bad” Titan and Armada represent the truck/utility members of the Nissan family.

These two big vehicles have ancestors, 2003 and 2004 models. So Nissan are waisting no time to remake good cars, and the new Titan and new Armada are both getting nice additions. So after only four or so years, updates are being made, solid proof that Nissan is aiming high for the following years.

Nissan 2008 Titan

Titan, the 2008 Nissan remake of the only four year-old car,  has a newly designed front, that gives the car a massive appereance. The Titan also gets new wheels, and bigger front brakes for better fast stops, 13.8 inches instead of the 12.6 ones the old model had. Maximum payload is also improved, with an extra 500 pounds, now the total is 2063 pounds. The new Titan also hasa a very appealing option, a longer wheelbase that allows for longer truck beds. Quite useful is also the PRO-4X addons package, that includes lots of off-road equipment and more sporty exterior and interior design. Nissan’s 5.7-liter V8 engine empowers the 2008 Titan, with total horsepower of 317, and torque of 385-lb-ft. A big engine for a pretty big car. 

Nissan 2008 Armada

The Armada has major changes of the interior, and also some modifications on the exterior. Nissan has tried to give the car it’s unique personality, as the first model was seen be many just a copy of the Titan. Notable is the design of the bolting fascia parts directly to the body, not like the first Armada model. Interior design is now unique, panel and steering wheel are created specially for the Armada, not taken from the Titan model.

Nissan also claims to have made improvement concerning stability, control, noise for both the Titan and Armada. Titan has prices starting from $24,445, and goes up to around  $38,000. Armada from $35,995 to $45,000.

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